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The Dia de Sorte is a different lottery that guarantees a lot of fun for the players, because in addition to getting the numbers drawn, it is possible to win through the “Lucky Month”. A field in which the bettor can choose based on the month of birth of a loved one, his own or random.

This game is part of the set of “Loterias Caixa”, which are administered by the bank Caixa Econômica Federal, in Brazil. In addition to the Dia de Sorte, Caixa promotes nine other lotteries, which are: Mega-Sena, Quina, Lotofácil, Timemania, Lotomania, Lucky Day, Federal Lottery, Loteca and Super Sete. All of them are regulated.

The Dia de Sorte draw takes place three times a week, always on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, from 8pm onwards. The balls are drawn at the Caixa Lotteries Center, located in São Paulo, the largest metropolis in Latin America. They are broadcast on television and on Caixa’s official YouTube channel.

The nights when the lottery draws take place are always very fun, as they are the three days of the week in which a greater number of games are drawn, so the Brazilians who like to bet take advantage of the game.

In Dia de Sorte four prizes are available, the highest collection is given to those who match the seven numbers drawn. But those who score lower can also be considered. Hitting 6, 5 and 4 numbers. As we already mentioned here, whoever gets the Lucky Month can also win, but the prize is symbolic, usually with only one digit. Many Brazilians redeem these small prizes to place another bet using the value and guarantee the emotion in the next contest.

To play the Caixa lotteries you need to purchase a ticket. In the case of Dia de Sorte he has 31 numbers in which the player can choose a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 15 numbers to bet. It is also possible to allow Caixa’s electronic system to choose numbers at random, it is called “Surprise”.

To buy a lottery ticket you need to go to a Lottery House, usually there are one or more of these agencies in the city center, in shopping malls or in larger neighborhoods, it is quite easy to find one in Brazil.

Those who do not wish to leave the house to play have the option of using a virtual platform created by the bank. It is an official website dedicated exclusively to games. On the Lotteries Boxes website, the player can buy tickets, choose the numbers, find out what the previous results were, how many bets they won in the last competitions and the chances of winning.

For those who follow the Dia de Sorte understand that the game is more interesting when no one hits the seven numbers and the prize accumulates, because over the weeks the prize is very robust, increasing the expectations of the players.

It is worth mentioning that when a bet is contemplated, its owner has up to 90 days to redeem the prize, when it does not appear the amount is transferred to the Student Financing Fund (FIE), which is part of the Federal Government. In this situation there is no appeal for the player.

For those who wish to withdraw the prize, if it is an interior value of R $ 1,903.98 the withdrawal can be carried out at Casa Lotérica. Now, if it is higher than this amount, then it is necessary for the player to go to a branch of Caixa bank to request the prize.

Gamblers from any part of the world can make a “faith” using the official Loterias Caixa website. However, the foreigner who is contemplated must go to Brazil to personally withdraw the award. Do you think it’s worth the risk?

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What is Contract Recruitment?

For a deep understanding of contract recruitment, one must contrast it with regular employment. Contract recruitment is a form of employment where an employer hires a person based on a contract.

Contracts are usually signed with independent contractors and last a predefined time. Once the specified period has passed, both the employer and the employee have no further responsibilities and hence, termination is not possible.

The process of contract recruitment is usually carried out through the employment agencies or human resource departments of various companies.

The job profile of each contract staff is then sent to the various recruiters. If suitable candidates are found, they are contacted for interviews. From these interviews, suitable contracts are awarded to the deserving candidates.

The concept of contract recruitment was initially conceived as a temporary solution to the problem of recruiting and retaining qualified professionals. It was necessary for the employers to maintain control over the quality of the workforce they were employing.

In other words, permanent recruitment was neither acceptable nor desirable. Since such employees take a longer time to groom, companies needed an alternative that would allow them to remain competitive in the market for a longer period.

The first alternative adopted by most employers was the utilization of the services of a permanent recruiter. Initially this was a viable option, as it gave them access to many potential candidates. The recruitment agencies would also provide information regarding the financial stability of each of the potential candidates.

They did not want to risk hiring someone who might leave their jobs soon after taking up a contract with the company. Since contract recruitment initially comprised only small part of the overall recruitment strategy, it was able to yield positive results.

As soon as the concept of permanent recruitment began to gain popularity, several organizations started using contractors to meet the demands of their employers. This led to a shift in mentality from the employers to the employees.

While employers were happy that their workers would be available on a temporary basis, it took a long time before the employees’ productivity levels could catch up to their superiors’ satisfaction. Eventually, the employers resorted to replacing all permanent employees by using the services of a contractor.

However, contract recruitment is not without its disadvantages. It is true that the candidates who are hired through a contract recruiter have limited access to the same level of perks and benefits as their full-time counterparts. But since it is difficult to find and hire full-time professionals, this is often an acceptable sacrifice.

Contract recruitment services are still used by smaller companies and even sole proprietors. Even though the trend has been widely accepted by the large corporations, it is important to note that there are still some business establishments that prefer to hire their employees through a short time professional recruitment services agency.

A reputable and well-established recruitment agency will have a good understanding with most corporations and will be able to provide them with a list of qualified applicants who are all attractive.

Contract Recruitment agencies offer a wide variety of services to their clients. These services may include hiring full time or part time permanent candidates, temporary and contract employee, recruiting international candidates, interviewing, or screening candidates, managing, or overseeing the whole recruitment process, and a lot more.

If you are a small business entrepreneur, or you are planning to start one, then it is better to entrust the recruitment process to an experienced and reliable recruitment partner. You can be sure that your company’s success would not be affected. Hiring professional recruitment services will ensure that all your goals and plans will become reality.

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