If you have ‘An idea to change history’ you can earn up to 250 thousand pesos in this initiative of History Channel

by Alena Eager
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History Channel Latin America launched the call to participate in the seventh edition of ‘An idea to change history’ . The initiative rewards the talent of those Mexicans who seek solutions to improve people’s lives based on technology and innovation.


Great innovators do not come out of nowhere, they are the result of experiences that later transform into ideas capable of changing the world, such as the printing press, the telegraph or WiFi. Those disruptive people are out there, waiting for an opportunity to generate positive changes with their creations.

For this occasion, the television station joins forces with the automaker Nissan , in order to find those who want to make history through their creativity. Those who participate will have the possibility of winning up to 250 thousand pesos .

“In this special edition we recognize Mexican talent, bringing to light those ideas that seek to improve the reality of man, in any of its aspects through technology and innovation,” reads the official site of the call.

The initiative consists of six categories:

  1. Renewable energy. Projects focused on the use of energy from natural resources, which are not exhausted and which can be used permanently (solar, wind, geothermal, hydraulic and electrical energy).
  2. Feeding. Projects aimed at optimizing the food process, new forms of production, healthier food, marketing, access or distribution.
  3. Health. Projects related to the development and discovery of new treatments to treat ailments, diseases and / or disabilities. Also the improvement of infrastructure or awareness on health issues.
  4. Transport. Projects related to the development of intelligent systems as a solution to mobility problems, road safety, accessibility to public or private transport systems, use of renewable energy and automated vehicles.
  5. Applications. Programming of mobile applications to be executed as facilitators of daily tasks or that provide some kind of quick and easy solution in the lives of people or companies.
  6. Telecommunications Innovation applied in the transmission and reception of signals of any nature, any type of information that you want to communicate at a certain distance in systems such as radio, television, telephone, data communications and computer networks.

How to take part?

Those interested have until November 30, 2021 to register their projects on the official site of the initiative ‘An idea to change history’ . There they must fill out a form and upload at least 3 images of the project, as well as a video with a duration of 3 to 5 minutes where the idea is described. Candidates will also need to explain the social impact of their idea, both in the short and long term.

Subsequently, a jury of professionals and experts will select the ’60 New Nissan Innovators’ – the 60 most creative and inspiring ideas. These will be broadcast on the History Channel and all its platforms and then choose the five that “have the most decisive technological and innovative impact.”

The five semifinalists will proceed to the next stage, where the public can vote online for their favorite. The three that get the most votes from Internet users will occupy the first three places and will be awarded a prize of up to 250 thousand Mexican pesos. The announcement of the winners and the awards will take place from March 15 to 17, 2022.

Do you have any idea? Share it and be part of the story of those who have changed the world.

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