Taking Your First Virtual Interview? Set Yourself Up For Success With These Tips!

by Mark Dempsey
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With virtual interviews becoming more popular throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and other video-conferencing software tools are becoming the new ‘norm’ in the world of candidate interviewing.

Conducting a virtual interview may sound like a straightforward process that can be achieved through the push of a button, but there’s a few more factors to consider if you want your virtual interview to be a success.

Virtual Assessment Tools

With virtual interviews opening up the possibility of casting a wider net for your recruitment process, this can also broaden the level of candidates that are likely to apply to your advertised role.

Bearing this in mind, it would be quite easy to spend a lot of time interviewing candidates that are potentially not ready/the best fit for the role which will prolong your recruitment process, costing you more time and money.

Companies are getting around this by utilising virtual assessment tools to filter through the top-level candidates and cut down on the amount of time spent on recruitment.

Tools such as Codility allows for companies to use structured coding tests to assess the coding ability of interviewees so that a base knowledge of their skill level can be determined before having to schedule a 30-minute interview and taking time out of your day.

You can find a tool that is specific to your particular sector that will allow you to narrow down on a competitive list of potential employees which will save you time, money, and filter the best person for the job through skill-based tests.

Setting Up Your Tech

This point is important for both interviewer and interviewee, preparing your own set-up whilst also ensuring your candidate has all the right information in order for them to configure their own set-up at home is extremely helpful.

Creating a checklist of all the steps required to set-up the video-conferencing software on the interviewee’s side will not only give them everything they need to be able to login and provide the correct password for the meeting invitation, but this can also provide you with a small competency test to see whether they are able to follow a flow of information and use their initiative.

Conduct a practice interview

Holding a few practice interviews internally amongst the recruitment team will give you an opportunity to run through a mock interview and flag up any issues that arise, how to fix them, and how the interviewee can be made aware of this beforehand so that they don’t run into the same issue.

In this practice interview, you can establish a dress-code, interview time-length, a set of questions that you would like to ask, when to ‘open the floor’ to the interviewee. If there are any results that you would like to cover from the previous virtual assessment that you had carried out previously, then this would be the time to plan whereabouts you would bring up in the interview.

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