Bye, bye, Styrofoam! Popcorn packages developed in Germany

by Alena Eager
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Forest scientists created an ecological, bio-based material that will replace plastic.

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June 25, 2021 2 min read

This article was translated from our Spanish edition using AI technologies. Errors may exist due to this process.

What are we doing to help the environment? At the University of Göttingen in Germany, forestry scientists developed an environmentally friendly bio-based material to replace plastic packaging as well as Styrofoam packaging. The novelty of the product is that it is made with popcorn.

The packaging market continues to be the most important client for the plastics industry by 40%, according to the statement from the study house. But, as we have seen in different parts of the world, some businesses began to rethink how to make their packaging more recyclable or biodegradable.

In this context, the “Chemistry and Composite Materials Process Engineering” team at the Faculty of Forest Sciences and Forest Ecology at the University of Göttingen succeeded in developing a process that allows them to produce three-dimensional molded bodies from popcorn granules. .

Photo: Carolin Pertsch via University of Göttingen.

“With this new process, which is based on the plastics industry, a wide variety of molded parts can now be produced,” explains professor and doctor, Alireza Kharazipour, head of the research group.

He also comments that “this guarantees that the products are transported safely, especially in the packaging area. And, with a packaging material that is even biodegradable ”.

The packages developed from this popcorn material are also water repellent. The house of studies is already in the process to commercialize this process.

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