Melanotan 1. What is it, how it works, benefits, and side effects

by Davies Otwell
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What is Melanotan 1?

Melanotan is considered to be a chemical substance created in the lab. It displays similarities to a hormone found in the human organism. It was initially created to take on the role of a drug to aid in the process of treating certain skin conditions. It is also believed to have the ability to take on the role of a supplement.

Melanotan 1 (MT-1) is believed to be a synthetic variant of alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone (alpha-MSH).

One of the roles of this peptide is to aid in treating erythropoietic protoporphyria in order to avoid any kind of damage or sun-related injury to the skin, hence the fact it was originally created to act as a sunless tanning agent.

When it comes to clinical studies regarding this peptide, researchers have revealed that trials are in phase II for keratosis (a specific type of sun-induced skin damage). It is also in phase III for curing polymorphous light eruption.

Melanotan is commonly used for skin tanning. It is also used to produce erections in subjects with erectile dysfunction (ED), for rosacea, fibromyalgia, and other conditions, but there is no good scientific evidence to support most of these uses. There is also concern that Melanotan might not be safe when used as a shot under the skin.

How does Melanotan 1 work?

Melanotan I, when injected, takes action by duplicating alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone in the human organism. The alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone links to melanocortin receptors and promotes the creation of the pigment melanin in the cells of the skin. As a consequence, the more melanin the body’s skin cells create, the darker the skin will appear to be.

Clinical studies conducted on lab subjects, such as rodents, reveal that Melanotan I lives for a longer period of time in the organism, compared to Melanotan II before being broken down by enzymes. Melanotan II connects with a larger variety of receptors compared to Melanotan I and also lives a shorter life in the organism.

Benefits of Melanotan 1

•Melanotan 1 could be combined safely with UV-B light or sunlight and seems to take action synergistically in the tanning response to light.

•Decrease in ultraviolet light exposure, found in sunlight and lights used in indoor tanning beds, which decreases the likelihood of skin cancers or other skin issues.

•If desired, Melanotan I has the ability to darken and tan the complexion of the skin.

Side effects of Melanotan 1

The biggest concern when it comes to tanning injections is that they can be unregulated. In the absence of proper regulation, there is no guarantee that the product being utilized has been adequately and properly labeled. Additionally, the long-term outcomes of Melanotan I use are mostly unknown. If you have a license and are working in the lab, you can Buy Melanotan 1 USA and help in the process of discovering further useful information about this peptide.

The most common adverse reactions of Melanotan I, which are considered to usually be temporary, include:

•           Feelings of nausea

•           Flushing of the skin

•           Loss of appetite

•           Drowsiness or fatigue

•           Lightheadedness

•           Itchiness at the injection site

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