Australia’s fasted-growing startup raises US$10.7million in Series A

by Bailey Amber
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Linktree, the trusted tech platform that connects audiences to a user’s entire online ecosystem, has raised US$10.7 million in Series A funding, led by Insight Partners, an investor in Shopify, and AirTree Ventures, an early investor in Canva.  

The funding will accelerate Linktree’s expansion in international markets, including global team growth, and the evolution of Linktree’s product and functionality in new ways to deliver valuable user experiences.

Linktree allows its customers to build a microsite that houses their digital ecosystem, making it easier than ever to connect with their audiences, wherever they are.

“The internet is becoming more and more fragmented,” said Linktree co-founder and CEO Alex Zaccaria. “It is becoming really important for businesses to unify all their digital revenue streams in one place, and link out of any platform in a unified way.”

“There are so many different places you can access to build your audience, and so it’s necessary for businesses to be able to send their audiences whereever they need them to go.”

Jeff Lieberman, Managing Director at Insight Partners has echoed this sentiment saying: “As the internet becomes increasingly fragmented, brands, publishers, and influencers need a solution to streamline their content sharing and connect their social media followers to their entire online ecosystem, ultimately increasing brand awareness and revenue.

“Linktree has successfully created this new “microsite” category enabling companies to monetize the next generation of the internet economy via a single interactive hub.” 

Linktree lets businesses unify their online resources for the ease of the customer. Source: Supplied.

Linktree has been bootstrapped and profitable from day one, focusing on product-led growth and word of mouth virality. Linktree achieved widespread adoption and exponential growth since launching in 2016, exceeding 8 million global users, 28,000+ sign-ups per day and over half a billion visitors to Linktrees in September alone. 

“The product itself is in its very nature is sharing,” said Mr Zaccaria. “Customers click the Linktree logo at the bottom of the profile of a business using the tool which leads to very viral, organic growth.”

“Because of this, we’ve been hyper-focussed on building the best possible product we can, and making sure that the product really solves the problem for users.”

The funding will allow Linktree to grow its global team, building a distributed workforce to join its CTO working while on the road in Australia, its Senior Engineer dialling in from Dublin, its growing team in LA and the rest of its Australia-based workforce. 

“[We’ve] achieved a lot in four years with a lean, Melbourne-based team,” said Mr Zaccaria. “I am incredibly proud to announce this raise alongside our incredible investor partners, and look forward to leveraging their expertise to create something truly unique in the tech sector.”

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